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Elmo teaching your little one about breastfeeding? Some people want Sesame Street to teach more than just the ABC’s. Get the story at 11!–sesame-street–teach-kids-about-breastfeeding–20120111.html


Official Mayim Bialik Page aka Blosom since we discussed me as one of the celebs “guilty” of BFing in public (and a 3 year old no less-the humanity!!!), i had to post this article about how sesame street used to show breastfeeding. there are clips of big bird learning about it and everything. if you told me mothering mag staged this i would believe you, it’s so incredible. i simply love it! and the blog is realy cool too.

Boobie Time: Not Exactly Word-LESS Wednesday


Mothering Magazine Lani from the Boobie Time blog digs up some old Sesame Street clips to show that breastfeeding was once an act to be treasured and shared on the show. What happened? Watch the clips and offer your thoughts.

Boobie Time: Bring Breastfeeding Back to the ‘Street’


Melissa Beck (from the Real World) blogged our info;