Mission Statement

“Bring Breastfeeding Back to Sesame Street” is a small group of mothers backed by the support of thousands, trying to raise awareness of breastfeeding and nursing in public. BBBSS believes that this change is possible through early education, and that small steps need to be taken for the impact to be lasting and effective.  BBBSS supports all women and their right to choose how to feed their child. BBBSS believes that breastfeeding needs to be portrayed positively in the media as a normal, everyday occurrence, in the same manner as bottle feeding.  Sesame Street  has the unique opportunity to take the lead in addressing this issue, just as they have in the past regarding other various social issues.  Sesame Street  has always been devoted to the portrayal of these issues in a positive, age appropriate manner, and BBBSS is confident breastfeeding will be shown the same care.