Early Breastfeeding Obstacles Part 2 – Comfort Level

The Good Letdown shares the second in their series on over coming early breastfeeding obstacles.  Be sure to check back next week for part three.

Having many guests the first few weeks of your baby’s life poses another possible problem – are you comfortable with breastfeeding in front of people? Chances are if you are a first time mom the answer to this question is a resounding “NO”!

Early on I know I would try to use blankets or covers, which when you are first learning how to latch is darn near impossible. Not to mention baby gets too warm and fussy, and the whole thing just turns to frustration.It does take some time for most women to stop seeing their boobs as something to keep hidden (aka sexual and private.) Now being on my second child I am much more comfortable just doing what I need to do in order to get my baby to her food source and much less time worried about arranging a blanket to shield the view of whoever is in the room. Do people see my nipple, yeah… probably. But ya know what… I don’t really care. If they see it, it’s because they are looking too darn closely. I’m exposed for probably 5 seconds if even that, and if baby is rooting around a person should know that feeding is happening soon if they know anything about me.

Another thing to think about is getting used to acting and feeling that nursing is a completely normal and natural thing to do (because IT IS). If you don’t make a big production of it, people in the same room with you might not even realize you are nursing. When your baby starts showing signs of being hungry, just simply feed him/her. No need to announce it to the room and let everyone know what you are about to do. If they realize what you are doing and they are uncomfortable, they can leave.

So in summary – Either find your kahunas and just whip ’em out, spend a lot of time in back bedrooms, or simply tell people that you need some privacy. Solicit the support of your partner to wrangle people away when baby starts to fuss. Don’t deny your baby boobs just because you have company over.

Baby’s needs come first over formality and politeness in my opinion!

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